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Apply for foreign jobs

Apply for foreign jobs

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Apply for foreign jobs
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5 yrs. Experience in maintenance, alignment and leveling of machineries /equipment of Chemical Process Industry, Rotary knowledge and skill is must for Pumps, blowers, SALARY: 150-170 +OT OMR


Minimum 8 years experience as piping fabricator in in petrochemical/ fertilizer industries, Understanding of isometric drawings, preparation of BOQ, Good knowledge in the material selection, fabrication, Welding & NDT procedures. He shall be experienced in gas cutting and tack welding, SALARY: 140-150+OT OMR


Minimum 5 yrs. Experience in turnarounds as grinders. Exp in surface preparation of equipment for inspections, Pipe edge preparation for fit up, experienced in diff types of grinder machines, Buffing and cleaning of welding joints for inspection. SALARY: 120+ OT OMR

Walk In Interview in Chennai
Jobs at oman
Interview Address and Contact Details
2 Anugriha, No.20 Balaraman Road, Adyar, Chennai
Email: [email protected]
Interview Date:20-01-22


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