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Gulf News Classifieds Jobs

Gulf News Classifieds Jobs Today List

Gulf News Classifieds Jobs is a platform for all jobseekers in the region to discover and apply for jobs. It offers users an opportunity to find employment opportunities that fit their skills, interests, and experience. Job seekers can also post their CV or resumes on the website to find jobs. The website provides free recruitment tools such as resume posting, job-search search, recruiters’ databases, etc.

Gulf News Classifieds Jobs
Gulf News Classifieds Jobs

Gulf News Classifieds Jobs

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gulf news classifieds jobs
Job List and Description Text
PRODUCTION MANAGER: Min. 10-15 yrs.exp., in Pressure Vessels, Skid Packages, Rotating Equipment. Preferred with a min.of 5 yrs.Gulf experience.

MAINTENANCE ENGINEER: Must be experienced in Hydraulics, Repair of Plant Machines, Overhead Cranes, etc. with a min.5-8 years Gulf experience.

ESTIMATION ENGINEER: Minimum 5 years experience in Pressure Vessels & Skid Packages with Gulf experience.

PRESSURE VESSEL DESIGN ENGINEER: Exp. in Heat Exchanger,International Standard Codes, PV Elite Software Design Mandatory, Gulf exp.must

PRODUCTION ENGINEER: Preff with a min.of 7-8 yrs. Gulf exp.

FABRICATION FOREMAN: Preff.with a min.of 8-10yrs.Gulf exp.

FABRICATION SUPVRS.: Preff with a min.of 7-8 yrs. Gulf exp.

SAND BLASTERS: Gulf Return only


CNC MILLING OPERATOR: Exp. in CNC Milling & Lathe Machine Optr.

CNC LATHE OPTR.: Setter basic Programming of G Codes & M Codes

Walk In Interview in Surat
Jobs at Dubai
Interview Address and Contact Details
Sr Engineering, Mora Tekra, Surat
Email: [email protected]
Interview Date: 15-12-2021


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