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gulf vacancy paper

gulf vacancy paper

IMG 20220121 WA0009

gulf vacancy paper

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gulf vacancy paper
Job List and Description Text

mechanical engineen. at have manager and ship skills that have 10 years of practice as a natin ay fabrication way and project spiration faul have the Λεμπιστεί το κράτος rateg, stating villag and textum ration και μπάμια and CNC be able to mang ang perple wirkshocolation ASNT ENT-ICIA VT and FT Lected at a very good command in English language peas, real and will Shalhas good computer shals Shall have good knowledge an welding Guil pain in

ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN:attal high schauery


Shall have trial high scha a mandatory . Has a very good command in Engl have 3 years of exince a minimuan in foury industry worksta. Sain and track the κάρτα malnutsia at sounard that matte ment and dangtis Maintain the yard, warehouse kept and argued in to be

proper and easy tracking Galleperence ins FORKLIFT OPERATOR: tealigh

very good command in Englu langage hall telt a the party and pevement for spring an

Mandatory Dall have years of experience a minimum in hewy nary workshop or site praject Chall be

Hy geed command in English language souh, road and writt. Shall have of me teperate heavy squ auch a fock (25 Max and cu experi may trywarks Shall topt, and actrical as were Agbow 41 Shall be familiar with the indul electrical standarts. Shalt be able to read and electrical cultigrom. Gulf gerence in plant will be preferred Age h

+HYDRAULIC TECHNICIAN: dal tigh school diploma asury

qayad command in English language teak, read and wine hath of in teary incuntry. Shall be s to carry out ahang and testing of ancic why y valorats and fee accort Shall have the ability to a hydrae cxcult charms and troubleshoots y al have the state to atyre testngs by candictag the f

+SPECIAL MATERIAL WELDER: het inte high school

mandatory Weldere shall be added as per ASME SECTION form of titain and afyd carbon steals, and that held a vald wear card ed by a reputable the party Wandan MIG process a very good command in English language Shall have years of eavy duty workshop TATAW S ar and Mate certified for special materials such a ca

+TIG WELDER: high dia madarys

beper ASME SEC U ter cartone ant shall haid a valid weder ardd y GTAW (TIC) and MW very and coming tape Welsh

*FABRICATOR: Slavinaigh Soluns a trement. Shat be

tags and perform sie wsp cacalaos. Has ay din eing proting and handog machines with NC come Gut experience in stol plant will be prefame


hical datare regiment. He a very good and in Engli have years frience as minis in heavy try worksha Shad be able t ents of chicalmented parts and is and at Preto be able of reging and in the making ang nang

TRUCK DRIVER: ghschulatury rent. Has a very good 3 years of experience heavy industry worksheer se praject. Obe repable to operate heavy than 20 to truckarim 41 ce in steel piant will be preferred Age below

DRIVER (For Pickup): hal high school as mandatory requ

very good condition ang Shallholt grandising Mansistory Chalave 7 ye

ut asperiores au mumisan achevy tacy workhor at je. Shall be responsible tu vesnive spaene

der to workshop Calfperant will be 41

SUPERVISOR: that he mechanical engineering that have 1015 tactical known in hendury Fabrication sha Seat have acceptate and English language Ipek, read and w Mest be fri fabrication danings and codes and formaterials Culf experience in se plant will be preferred Age be 41

WORKSHOP SUPERVISOR: Matve Open in Mechanical Enging Mat have

10 15 years expence in Myndic Shep af teory indates as Workshop Super Mast bee geed compris Must be falar Hyde Sp wings and cafes und er nati experiment will be preferred Age 41

QUALITY CONTROL INSPECTOR (Fabrication / Hydraulic): Mut

have Op Machical Enging have ASNT INI TO 1A, VT and PT LAWS C ed halle 10 years of experience and 5 years of practice a can Must hom toege Sement quality contiel applica geras CC mounting and follow to inspection

DC y Workshop and prots phase de Shulluses y Te gate Certing and fefe as inspection res

steplant will be referred. Ag

PLANNER ASSISTANCE (Fabrication / Hydraulic): M

workshe Mat have gondere Nest betartar Paing SAP sa Mabe tal for and can work as a piece isted plant will be pret. Ap

Walk In Interview in Mumbai
Jobs at Saudi Arabia
Interview Address and Contact Details

HO Add: 202, 2 Floor, Bombay Market, Tardeo Road, Mumbai-34

Email: [email protected].com
Interview Date: 30-01-22


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