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Management Information System Interview Questions and Answers PDF DOWNLOAD

Management Information System Interview Questions and Answers

Here check latest Management Information System Interview Questions and Answers updated. Download the PDF file of Management Information System Interview Questions and Answers and Save it. It helps to use in offline also.

Management Information System Interview Questions and Answers PDF DOWNLOAD

Management Information System Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download

Management Information System Interview Questions and Answers Latest

Management Information System Interview Questions and Answers PDF DOWNLOAD
Management Information System Interview Questions and Answers PDF DOWNLOAD

Q) Define MIS? And its functions?

A) Management Information System means a computer-based system which produces managers with tools to arrange, effectively and accurately handling departments in a company.

Q) What is meant by MIS Executive?

A) MIS means Management Information System, as per the Telecom MIS executive should handle complete tasks such as operations and graphs preparation, program bar charts, excel pivot tables for complete information about financial charts or progress charts.

Q) What is meant by MIS Report?

A) Management Information System Report means, in a company business manager at various levels such as from Asst Managers to executives, depends on reports which are generated by the systems to get an idea about daily business activities and issues if any raises, tracking complete progress and decision making, etc.

Q) How many types of Management information systems?

A) There is total 4 types of MIS – Management information systems:

Decision-making information system

Decision taking information system

Databank information system

Predictive information system.

Q) What is a Degree in MIS?

A) In Bellevue University of Management Information Systems degree is I.T professionals the chance to make stronger new technologies, managing skills, Business and also sharpening their skills to easily understand the I.T organization’s skills.

Q) What is meant by Technology Manager?

A) Technology Management means designing, Integrated planning, optimization, services & process, Technology product controlling, and many more advantages.

Q) What is the main aim of the Management Information System?

A) The major role in Management Information Systems is you should learn how to take technology to another level of work. The main concept of MIS Major in information systems and the uses which are helpful for business purposes in any organization. Major MIS learn about networks, computer security, and database, etc.

Q) Explain the MIS purpose?

A) The main purpose of the MIS is to give managers in making tactical, analytical, strategical and decisions in an important and productive manner.

Q) Explain Management Information System Reporting tools?

A) MIS Reporting Tools:

Ubiq reports the data from different MIS in the organization into a solo Management Info System report on web site. It makes middle and high-level managers check the departments and processes directly from one location, quickly get actionable details and decision making.

Q) What is the use of Ubiq?

A) Ubiq is known as a Management Information System Reporting tool that is very easy to handle. In an organization, we can easily build custom reports from different MIS’s. By using a web browser, we can access the MIS reports and safely sharing them with colleagues. Export reports in various formats, we can easily create summaries and also complete reports from all the different levels. To develop business process immediately, Through Management Information System Tool Managers and executives monitors their departments and teams.

Q) What are the different types of MIS activities?

A) To support and handle the operations, management, and making decisions in an organization, an integrated use machine system is used for providing the details. The system uses manual and computerized procedures, decision making, analysis, planning, control, and database models.

Q) What is meant by Databank Information Systems?

A) Databank Information Systems is database creation by providing and recording data which helps to make decisions. The details which were provided by the database are very helpful. The decision-maker has to check the conditions and the issues. The MIS designs for unstructured decisions, Databank information system is suited well.

Q) What are the principal concerns of MIS?

A) Following are the principal concerns of MIS:

Making possible decision making by providing the details which are need in every single day and efficient format.


To the person who wants it.

Usable form.

Q) List out the MIS Organizational structure implications?

A) Below are the MIS Organizational structure implications:

Authority hierarchy




Normal model modification

Organization detail model

Goal displacement

Case for stable system

Organizational learning, power and growth cycle

Organization change project model

System which encourages organizational change.

Socio – technic organizations.

Q) What are the Eler decision-making levels?

A) Following are the decision-making levels of Eler:

Decision-making levels:




Decision-making elements:




Q) Explain the steps which involve in Planning?

A) Below are the steps involved in planning:

Choosing objectives

To get the objectives which are stimulated, choosing activities

To perform the activities, explaining the skills or resources.

Explaining every activity time duration

Deciding the activities sequence.

Q) Mention some of the planning process requirements?

A) Following are the requirements of the planning procedure:

Providing the details which are needed by the planner at every step

Implementing the process for obtaining the details at every step which includes the see the view alternatives.

Placing for record of the plans which are approved as detail for the control process.

Planning an efficient technique for plans communicating to other persons in an organization.

Q) List out the plans for deciding Management Information System Design?

A) Following are the plans for determining MIS Design:

Integrate later approach

Organization chart approach

Data collection approach

Top-down approach

Database approach

Q) Explain any methods for establishing MIS?

A) The process of MIS:

Initial steps are to understand the organization

Analysing the details and requirements of the organization

Strategy in planning


Analysing preliminary

Assessment Feasibility

Complete fact finding





Bringing Conceptual schema

Recruiting database admin

To bring logical schema

Establishing data dictionary

Physical schema obtaining

Database creation

Editing data dictionary

Improving sub schemas

Editing database

Database Amend.

Q) Mention the Information requirements levels?

A) Following are the levels of the information requirements:

For designing a Management Information System, there are total 3 levels of information requirements:

Organizational Level – The required information tells complete details for all the system information and particular database and applications.

Application Level – The application-level requirements include behavioral work organization objectives, job roles, policies, and responsibilities. On the basis of the details which are needed for the role to be performed.

Significant Level – In this level, the technical requirements are related to the outputs, inputs, recorded data, data format, and information process.


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